Cosmetic (White/Tooth Coloured) Fillings

Cosmetic fillings are increasingly used and preferred by patients and dentists alike to replace old amalgam (silver) fillings. Silver fillings contain mercury and it is still of great debate within academic circles whether or not mercury has damaging side effects. Aside from this, ‘white’ fillings come in a wide variety of shades which can be matched to your teeth, making these fillings much more cosmetically appealing to most people. Composite is the material of choice to replace unsightly silver fillings. In some cases porcelain (ceramic) inlays may be used to replace a large filling.

At Dental Lounge, your dentist and nurse will follow very safe procedures for mercury filling removal. This is done by assessing the general health of the patient and providing a stress free dental environment to maintain good blood circulation to the teeth. During treatment the most important space is around the patient’s mouth and nose. Vapour control is vitally important here and several amalgam removal precautions are taken to help with vapour control:

- The mercury amalgam filling is usually sectioned or “chunked” out to avoid as much potential mercury vapour as possible caused by the dental drilling.

 A high velocity vacuum is placed directly on the tooth where the mercury filling is being removed with large amounts of water to reduce vapour. Any amalgam chunks are then safely disposed of in special waste containers.